2019 Cobalt Boat Review

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Cobalt Boat Review – Hot Springs, Heber Springs, Nashville, Little Rock, Memphis, Jonesboro – Futrell Marine

Meet the new features in the 2019 Cobalt Models!

Welcome to the Cobalt’s 2018 model year! The 2018 model year highlights Cobalt’s uncompromising attention to detail with a fresh twist on a timeless design. You’ll find a raw and striking profile that is inspired by the universal appeal of sleek lines and distinct handcrafted styling. The newest innovations include a flip-down swim step, hydraulic swim platform for the A-Series, multi-position Aft Lounge, dedicated fender locks, Sof-Trac mat, free space reclamation, underwater lighting, sea grass sisal floor covering, and multiple bow cushion configurations.  Cobalt is proud to be the most innovative, well-engineered and best performing boats imaginable.  There has never been a better time to own a Cobalt!

Runabout Boat Buying Tips

One of the most common questions we’re asked by prospective ruanabout boat buyers is “what makes a good cruiser boat?”

The team at Futrell Marine is known for its runabout boat technical expertise. So we decided to share some of our knowledge in the the below video boat boat buying blog to help you when researching your next boat purchase.

On thing is certain: there are no shortcuts in building a quality runabout boat. As a buyer, you need to know some very important facts about boat design, construction and technology to be able to ask the right questions to ensure you buy the best performing boat for your money.

Have you ever looked at something closely in a shop or dealership and walked away feeling it was well designed and beautifully made? Have you ever asked yourself: “what gave me that feeling?”

That sense of premium quality is a combination of things. It’s about clever, innovative design, quality workmanship, careful fit, thoughtful layout … a feeling that the manufacturer has an interest in you and how you will use the product.

Sometime it’s the little things like the sound that’s made when you close the door of a BMW or Mercedes Benz car. Positive. Firm. Superb engineering. Well thought-out.

Think of the contrast with the way a door shuts on the cheapest car on the market. Tinnie, noisy, lightweight, poor fit. It sounds cheap. It has been designed in hope you won’t look too closely and probably won’t care.

The same principle applies with boats. There are very high-quality boats on the market and there are very poor-quality boats – and everything in between.

Beware of boat manufacturers or salespersons making big, unsubstantiated claims. An important piece of advice for those setting out to buy a new boat …. the price tag is no indicator of quality and performance.

Do your due-diligence. If you have any doubts, before you buy the boat, take it out on the water in the chop and put it to the test!

If the salesperson is reluctant to take you out for a water test in the conditions you’d like to see the boat perform in … walk away.

Contact Futrell Marine for more information and advice about buying your next boat. We are more than happy to assist. And, no pressure!

Let The 2019 Review Begin ….

Futrell’s sales staff live and breath Cobalt in and out of the water. Below is Futrell Marine’s detailed review of the new 2018 Cobalt line-up. We review the 2018 models from bow to stern.

All model particulars and new features are covered. No compartment goes unflipped …

The 2019 Cobalt CS22 Review

The 2019 Cobalt R3 Review

The 2019 Cobalt R7 Review

The 2019 Cobalt R3 Surf Review

The 2019 Cobalt R5 Surf Review

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