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We Buy Hundreds of Boats A Year From Individuals, Banks, And Even Other Dealers.

  • No Need for Expensive Classified Advertising

  • No Strangers Knocking At Your Door

  • No Late Night Phone Calls or Texts

  • No Annoying Emails

  • No Lengthy Inspections

  • No Title or Tax Worries

  • We Offer Fair Market Value

  • We Handle All Payoff Paperwork

  • It’s All Quick and Easy

Let Us Sell Your Boat

We have the expertise to get you the results you want. From attracting buyers, all the way through the sale & closing, we have you covered. We agree on a net dollar amount you will receive for your boat when it sells.

We Will Buy Your Boat

We offer fair market value for your boat, handle all payoff paperwork, and make the purchase outright. With our boating knowledge, mechanical expertise, and high volume purchasing, we are your ideal buyer.

Avoid Private Sales Pitfalls

  • Time Drain – time to place ads, answer calls, meet prospects, show boat, provide documentation, wait for checks to clear, etc.

  • Inconvenience – late night phone calls and text; showing hassles; often broken appointments.

  • Danger – exposing family and property to the general public?

  • Costly – often ineffective yet considerable advertising expense.

  • Financing – inability to provide financing for buyer.

  • Decline In Value – daily depreciation of boat.

  • Litigation – exposure associated with differences in buyer’s perception of undisclosed problems.

  • Buyer Expectations – prospects seek a “clean” boat.  This will require time and cost money.

  • Damage & Repairs in the Interim.

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Whether you want us to sell your boat for you or you wish to sell it to us, we are here to make the process simple, painless, and worry-free. Fill out the below and one of our trained staff will get in touch with you. Let us use our expertise to make the process easy for you.

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