Poker Run | July 29, 2023

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Third Annual Futrell Marine & I Love LK Memorial Fund

Poker Run

Lake Hamilton, AR | Saturday July 29, 2023 | 10 am – 3 pm


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$26.50 – $100.00POKER RUN 22 logo

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Tickets are $26.50 each, or 4 for $100.

Tickets can also be purchased in-person anytime during operating hours at Futrell Island Marina





  • Packet and t-shirt pickup will be at Futrell Island Marina from 10 am – 11 am on July 29.
  • In your packet you will receive: Poker Run scorecard, a map of Lake Hamilton with stops, and an event t-shirt.
  • After that, the fun begins!
  • Luna Jamz Band will be performing on the Island from 2pm – 4pm, so stick around for the awards show and have some fun!


1st Place – $1,000

2nd Place – $500

3rd Place – $200


  • Boat from one Poker Stop to another. You will pick up your packet at Futrell Marine Island Marina, but feel free to complete the other stops in any order you choose!
  • When you arrive at each poker stop, you will show the attendant your scorecard. You will draw a card, and the attendant will mark the card drawn on your scorecard.
  • Once you complete the 4 stops, return to Futrell Island Marina for your final card pull and to turn in your scorecard.
  • Tune in to our virtual awards ceremony on Facebook Live.


  • Futrell Island Marina
  • Bourbon in the Bay – Baymont Hotel
  • Sam’s Pizza
  • Hot Springs Marina
  • Sunset Cove Marina



  • No sheet may have two of the same card marks. (If you draw the same card at your following stops, you will do a redraw)
  • All suits are equal.
  • All stops have one Joker, in which the Joker counts as a “freebie wild card” on your Card Sheet. If you pull a Joker, you will receive a Joker stamp on the corner of your Card Sheet that signifies you get one freebie of your choice prior to turning your Card Sheet in. You must declare which card the Joker will represent before you turn in your Card Sheet at the final stop.
  • You may only use one Joker per Card Sheet – if you pull a Joker at two stops you will only receive ONE Joker Stamp on your Card Sheet.
  • 5 cards = 1 hand
  • Ace can be used as the lowest number or highest number



A board with all 52 cards will be placed on the island marina. Get your chance to throw darts and change ONE CARD on your hand!

$50/3 Darts


Get a better hand for a chance to win a better prize!




100% of the proceeds from this event will benefit the “I Love LK Memorial Fund”, which honors the life and legacy of Lila Kate McAlister and the kindness she showed to others through donations to local causes. Come out and support a fantastic organization doing substantive work in the local community, and have some fun along the way!